She is a Templar. He is an Assassin.

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Really great pictures from the MMVAs

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During the last chorus of Small Bump, Ed started to get choked up and couldn’t sing. He stepped back and started crying a bit, and the audience took over for him. The fact that we didn’t scream the lyrics or scream at him was amazing to me; the sound of the crowd was angelic as we sang the rest of the chorus for him. If there were any doubts that he was crying, at the end of this song, he jumped right into the next song, playing the guitar. But he stopped playing after about two seconds and went, “alright, sorry.” 

Aww oh my goodness :’( What an amazing crowd.

Im crying. :(

i will never not reblog this

I love this so much it makes me cry every single time





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War? War.

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Ed Sheeran gibt zu: “Viele der Gerüchte über mein Liebesleben sind wahr!”

Ed Sheeran admits: "Many of the rumors about my love life are true!" [x]

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"The more energy and love you get given from an audience the more energy and love you give back"

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